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Creative, resourceful
Marketing Professional
in San Diego, California

17+ years experience in online industry
Comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing best practices
Expertise in online lead generation through:
  • Website conversion optimization
  • Copywriting and content development
  • SEM / Search Engine Marketing (SEO, PPC)
  • Email Marketing
  • Display Advertising and Retargeting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Testing and Analytics
Contributed independently or in collaboration with agencies to more than 150 successful site launches for non-profits, start-ups, local businesses and national ecommerce brands.

References include: San Diego County Credit Union, GE, Vivendi-Universal, Billabong, Proheraldica, San Diego Dermatology and Laser Surgery, Coleman Homes, La Jolla Village Merchants Association, Seaport Village, SanDiego.org, Foresight Sports, Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, George's at the Cove, RollingStone.com, MP3.com, Balboa Park, Temecula Olive Oil Company, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Troxel Helmets, Flagship Cruises & Events.

What I Do

New Customer Acquisition

Search Engine Marketing
Website Content Development
Promotions & Advertising

It's easy to have a nice-looking website. What's challenging is getting people to find and use it. You may be familiar with the powerful marketing tools available today, but it takes a broad set of skills to master them. Any inefficiency becomes costly quick and can give your competitors an edge. I can help attract your target audience to your website, with a plan that's clear and easy to understand. With proper budgeting, targeting, messaging, and tracking, this can be some of the most efficient and accountable marketing dollars you'll spend.

Reengage Existing Customers

Email Marketing
Social Media Plans
Incentives & Discounting

Your existing customers are also your best future customers. Don't take that relationship for granted. Build an understanding of their data profile, feed them with your expertise, reward their loyalty, be a conductor of valuable social interactions / word-of-mouth marketing, and use channels like email strategically to bring them back to your website. You need a healthy list, a mobile-friendly template, and a plan. Execute these tactics efficiently and you'll get predictable, profitable returns without draining resources.

Improve Conversion

Website Optimization
Tracking & Testing

How well is your website doing its job? Increasing conversion rates boosts revenue while alleviating some of the pressure (and cost) of acquiring more traffic. Find and plug the holes that are leaking your money and increase the rate of signups, downloads, and sales. Don't make a common, expensive mistake by driving traffic to a website that isn't converting well. Weak content, confusing navigation, mobile incompatibility, inefficient checkout/conversion process, whatever the issue, your first and best action is to remove those obstacles and keep the money flowing in the right direction.

Operate More Efficiently

Analytics & Reporting

A good roadmap saves you money by keeping everyone in the organization aware and focused on activity that generates revenue. This includes a comprehensive analytics integration with goals and clear reporting in plain English. Know what is working and what isn't. There is no time for wondering, guessing, or disagreeing over what to do next. Keep everyone marching in step, and let analytics give your marketing efforts accountability. Use actual user data and performance results to help guide future resources and repeat successes.


The Meeting

If you've read this far, you can start to see that this process is collaborative. This website is here to facilitate an initial meeting. So if you are interested, we can meet and find out more about your needs and opportunities. No one knows the story of your business better than you.

The Ideas

Based on the insight you share, I will put together a proposal customized to your situation, including services, timelines and fees. There are no marked-up packages or sales games. And no long-term commitment required; my clients continue only as long they are satisfied with the returns on my performance.

The Execution

Everything I do is transparent, so there is no hiding from the results. It is all tracked online and tied to numbers. In the end, my success depends on your success. You get my full commitment to generate more customer leads and revenue. You'll see the return on your investment, and can adjust the budget based on the results.


If you have questions or would like to talk more about your business, please contact me. I appreciate the interest and look forward to hearing from you.